Dr. Miriam Ballhausen

Dr. Miriam Ballhausen


Miriam Ballhausen joined JBB Rechtsanwälte in 2012. She provides legal counsel for IT businesses and software developers in the fields of software, copyright and licensing law, in particular on issues of open-source software law. Apart from that, she focuses on data protection law and also advises clients in this field.


Focus Areas

Copyright law, software law, licensing law, data protection law



Miriam Ballhausen is the author of numerous articles and essays that have been published in various books and law journals.


Professional Training

Miriam Ballhausen studied law at the University of Passau and specialized in IT- and telecommunications law. There, she also completed her doctoral dissertation on " Rechtsfragen des IT-Einsatzes in der Justiz " (legal issues of IT use in the judiciary system) under Professor Dirk Heckmann.

During her graduate studies, Miriam Ballhausen worked as research assistant to Professor Heckmann, Chair of Public Law, particularly in the areas of Security and Internet Law. She was involved in several IT-projects and – among other topics – doing research on using mobile sensor systems to lawfully prevent and prosecute botnet-crimes.

In 2008, Miriam Ballhausen worked for the EU-China Information Society Project carried out by the EU Commission in collaboration with the Chinese Ministry for Industrialization and Information Technologies. During the project, she mainly focused on IT-Security standards in the EU and its Member States.

Between 2009 and 2011, Miriam Ballhausen worked at the E-Justice division of the German Federal Ministry of Justice, where she coordinated a joint IT-project of Germany’s highest courts.

As part of her vocational internships at the Kammergericht Berlin, after assignments at the Ministry of Justice and at JBB Rechtsanwälte, Miriam Ballhausen worked for the IT-law-consultant to the Costa Rican parliament, Prof. Dr. Perez Merayo.


Language Skills

English, Spanish, French

Focus Areas

Licensing Law
IT/ Software
Data Protection Law