Dr. Ansgar Koreng

Dr. Ansgar Koreng

Certified Copyright and Media Law Attorney

Ansgar Koreng joined the firm in 2011. He provides advice to publishing houses as well as to journalists, online communities and bloggers in the field of media law and on freedom of speech issues. His expertise also encompasses all aspects of copyright and intellectual property rights. As he has been working as a programmer for several years, he is comfortably familiar with the technical aspects of IT as well.

Since April 2013 he is lecturer on 'Internet Law' at the University of Leipzig


Focus Areas

Media law, freedom of speech, intellectual property, IT



Ansgar Koreng is the author of numerous articles and essays that have been published in various law journals.



In 2009 Ansgar Koreng held a lecture on the issue of internet censorship at the University of Leipzig.



  • Deutscher AnwaltVerein (DAV)
  • Forum Junge Anwaltschaft (Forum for Young Attorneys)
  • Leipziger Juristische Gesellschaft (Leipzig Society of Jurists)


Professional Training

Ansgar Koreng studied for the bar at the University of Leipzig and the University of Rome ”La Sapienza“ (Italy), specializing in International and European Law. After graduation he worked as a research assistant to Professor Degenhart at the University of Leipzig. There he completed his Ph.D. dissertation on issues of Internet censorship. As part of his vocational internships he worked for the German parliament (Bundestag) and for the publishing house “Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung”, which publishes one of Germany’s foremost and most renowned conservative newspapers.


Language Skills

English, Italian

Focus Areas

Copyright Law
Press Law
Data Protection Law